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Art in History and Politics is a non-profit arts organization devoted to the task of recovering, preserving and presenting art that was once widely influential but has subsequently disappeared.

The discovery of long-forgotten songs, poetry and other works that were the product of historically important events has led to the production of books, audio recordings and films which can assist educators and the general public in deepening their grasp of the role of art in history and politics.


Recovery includes the discovery of exemplary works, the research into their creation and what led them to be forgotten or buried.


Preservation includes both recording and recreating works, reproducing originals and devising new renditions of fragmentary or incomplete ones. Preservation also includes storing copies in various formats from printed paper to computer files.


Presentation includes books, pamphlets, audio recordings and documentary films. Presentation also includes live performance of dramatic, dance, musical or poetic works. Presentation also includes, film showings, lectures and materials for educators to use in their own instruction.

To date we have brought three projects to completion


MAT CALLAHAN, Co-Founder/President Art in History and Politics,

Musician and Author

JOE JOHNSON, Co-Founder/VICE-President Art in History and Politics,

Musician, Instructor Musikwerkstatt, Basel

YVONNE MOORE, Co-Founder/Treasurer Art in History and Politics

Musician and band leader

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